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Diamond Mine - Unlisted Artist (Prod ArTLs) starring Allure

 "Diamond Mine" is a love letter to all the good women.... The Video was Directed, Shot, and Edited by Unlisted Artist for Unlisted Productions at Blue Firehouse Studio The Song was Produced by ArT Ls The Song Was Written and Recorded and Mixed by Unlisted Artist at Blue Firehouse Studio  


 Mr.Kill- "I'm Back Bitch" (DJ White Owl) [Official Video] (Gredi Films)  (NOT an Unlisted Production)

 Directed By James Tangredi  Gredi Films M.D.M.A   @MrKiLLofMDMA @Jamestangredi @SkyHigh4Ever @ForelliStax  -FaceBook  MrKiLLofMDMA,  SkyHighMindset OmarFStaxVargas  -Instagram  mrkillofmdma skyhighmindset  For Mr.Kill bookings contact Roc  GREDIFILMS 2012 

 "Showtime" - Mr. October

 Filmed and Edited by JUTSUDO Films for Unlisted Productions, Thank you for all  your great work you put in.  This song is available for free: Shout out to Shonari and Antron for your help in the completion of this project. It's greatly appreciated, Thank You! See More  Mr. October..    This song was Recorded by Vegg at S&S Pro Sound Studio in Rockland County NY. This song was mixed by Kasim Keto.

Asstrophysics #ASP - Unlisted Artist and Art Ls starring Melonie Hamilton (@BneatChick)

Video was shot, edited, and directed by Unlisted Artist for Unlisted Productions. It stars choreographer/stylist Melonie Hamilton.  This song was produced by Art Ls  This video was filmed at Studio Time in Montclair, NJ Thank you! Recorded and mixed at the Blue Firehouse.

Chocolate Wasted - Unlisted Artist and Laura T Starring Allure (prod Sunny)

Video Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Daniela Croci for ( Video filmed at ExitRoomNYC Art Gallery & Cultural Space. Video stars Allure @sweet.as_honey22 .Produced by Sunny Got Beats. "Fly Talk" by Laura T. Mixed by E Rex Muzic 2nd camera Mike Larry Draw ( Set: Dariel Mtz ( prod. ast: Aileen Barradas

Art*illery - Raps Changed (Official Music Video)

 Art*Illery's Unlisted Artist, E rex, Cue*Roc, and Ryzen Sun performing Raps Changed, a tribute to the timeless classics and legendary musicians from the past. Check out the official website for more info on the group and its members. Thank you!  Directed/Edited by Kevin Joel Saez (  All video clips used under the premise of fair use and retain copyright by their original creators. 

"Shake This" - Mr. October feat. SCR!P A.D.

 Download it:  Video was Directed, Shot, and Edited by JUTSUDO for UP. It was shot at StudioTime in Montclair New Jersey, thank you Keith for everything! This song recorded and mixed by Vegg at S&S Pro Sound, Rockland County NY, thank you Vegg!

Alone - Unlisted Artist and Laura T starring the Boche family

 This song is a story about a family that is suffering the loss of what used to be. This video was shot, directed, and edited by Unlisted Artist. it stars William Boche as the husband and Father, Mariaisabel Boche as the wife and Mother, and Gianni Boche as the Son. We could not be more thankful for your work in bringing this to life. We love you guys.  Alone was Written by Unlisted Artist and Laura T and was produced by TellingBeatzz 

Awaken The Queen - SDN Poetry - Unlisted Productions

Original Spoken Word By SDN. Video Directed by Unlisted Artist and filmed by Unlisted Productions. Video stars SDN and Family and also stars Maxine Sinclair as the mysterious delivery girl.

"Paper tiGer" - Unlisted Artist mixed by E Rex Muzic

Video Directed, Filmed, and edited by Daniela Croci of ( ) .  Adlibs by E Rex. produced By Beat Brokerz.  Cast Kike Seba, Sekou Younge, George Robert ( Melissa Wu.  DP: Stefano Ortega Camera 2: Mike Larry Draw Set: Dariel Martinez Origami: Caterina Cardinali thanks: Jules Rami Espinal Rey Then. filmed at Ivy House Studios (Brooklyn, NY) 

"Down With Up" - Unlisted Artist

 director Daniela Croci ( )"Peace" (intro)- UA and ArTLs producer Sunny Got Beats Stars Monique. Recorded & mixed at S&S ProSound by Vegg. "Down With UP" - UA Producer Beat Brokerz. Scratch by E Rex Muzic Cast: George Robert ( Theresa Segarra, Stefano Ortega, Maggie Nielsen, Ade Key, Abigail Nedelka, Ralph (Lafayette Grocery and Dairy) crew: DP: Stefano Ortega DA: Eva Tusquets Set: Giorgia Rojas Monaco, Marcello Casagrandi 

"Big Brother" - Mr. October

Video Directed, Shot, and Edited by JUTSUDO for Unlisted Productions. This Video was shot in various locations in New Jersey and New York City and discusses the relationship between the two. This song was recorded and mixed at S&S Pro Sound Studio by Vegg 

Sacrifice - Jenn Garcia with Serenity and Unlisted Artist (New)

 Track: Poetry: Serenity Lyrics: Jenn Garcia Rap: UA Exec Prod Song and Video for UP recorded in Critical Recordings, Frankensound Studio, and Feel Good Music, Mixed by Ill Ric  Vid Dir: Daniela Croci ( 2 cam: Steven Russell PA & property: Dariel Martinez  Cast: 1. Sandra Passirani 2. Myriam Gadri 3. Julie Seal Stefano Celsi Diane Prigent Francois Ortis Alberta De Angelis thanks: Mike Larry Draw Route 66 NY 

Mr. KiLL of MDMA Performs Live at Breast Cancer Walk

 Prospect Park Brooklyn, NY, October 19th 2014. Mr. KiLL performs at the Making Strides, event! 

Art*Illery - "Who's Gonna Stop Me?"

 Video shot by Shaz IllYork. Editor: Billy from FRESH PAINT NYC

Art*Illery is:  E Rex , Janaye, Ill Ric ,

Marv Fensta

Cue Roc

Unlisted Artist , Original Track by Allrounda

Thanks: AQua LOve, Monique Unlisted, MUA: Nidia Ortega, Midwest Heiress Graphics

NYstGallery Truck (Song By Unlisted Artist)


Thats how you can make your messy tag Truck a moving piece of Art!  Curated by NYst Gallery Video by Music by  Live painting by:  Iena Cruz Kike Seba Zoe Bee  Follow up on instagram and fb @nystgallery 

Monique Unlisted - "Sherrie Bomb"

 This video was shot, directed and edited by Daniela Croci of Zoe Map  (  The Beautiful and Talented Monique Unlisted featured in her own Video Portrait "Sherrie Bomb". She teams up with Stylist Martina Di Iorio , Make-Up artist LaurenSara and the streets of Brooklyn.  Special Thanks to. Zoe Beatwoman Dariel Mtz LaurenSara Martina TCustomz Productionz 

The Scientist - Band Zero and Unlisted Artist

 The Scientist - Band Zero and Unlisted Artist Produced, Arranged and Performed by Band Zero Rap by Unlisted Artist Video Directed, Shot, and edited by Unlisted Artist for Unlisted Productions Special shout out to Sequin of Sequin Productions for the original concept of the video, we greatly appreciate your vision for this project! This Video stars William Boche and Mariaisabel Boche. we appreciate your work!